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Simplify your work

Introduce order and quick access to data

Reduce your costs

Simplify your work with our software solutions

The rapidly advancing digitalisation of society brings opportunities to introduce simplicity, clarity and speed into the management and administrative processes of companies and institutions.

Appropriate software solutions help optimize processes and streamline real estate operations.

With our software information systems CHASTIA you can achieve high quality work organization and speed up your processes. New approaches will save you time and reduce operational costs. Your clients will also appreciate comprehensive, fast and transparent innovative approach.

Find out what we can do for you.

Take advantage of the latest IT solutions and get


Chastia software solutions allow you to integrate documents and processes into a single system. In one place you will find all the necessary data for high its quality evaluation.


Deploying the right software solutions comes hand in hand with decreased costs. Save money and advance in the development of your company.


Automated tools and processes will contribute to accelerated access to data, time savings, increased and reduced operational costs.


Properly configured processes are efficient, economical, and clear. What is more, they eliminate risks as well.

We offer experience and expertise

25years on the market

90 clients using our services

10000 managed objects

50 managed clinics & hospitals

10 managed hotels

40 heat management installations

We have the best solutions for you

We take care of reliable software solutions in specialized of: ASSET MANAGEMENT, FACILITY MANAGEMENT, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, ENERGY MANAGEMENT 


Your next Steps towards your objectives

Are you looking for ways to better organize processes in your company ? Let’s look at how your processes work.

Based on the analysis, we will design tailor-made solution for you.

We will deploy the Chastia software solutions according to your requirements and train your employees.

Automate your processes and advance

Every company wants to be successful in fulfilling its mission. We often struggles with setting up internal processes so that our operational management is efficient and transparent as possible.

Improperly set up processes can be too complicated and bring unnecessary chaos to the organization. The collection and use of data from various sources complicates their evaluation and lengthens internal processes. This makes work less efficient than it could be. The clients slowly loose interest in cooperation if the solutions to their requirements are lengthy and blurred. However, you do not have to be alone in solving all of these issues.

You can simplify your work and make it more efficient with only one software solution. By applying Chastia, you will achieve many benefits at once. You receive well-organized management and administrative processes, operation acceleration and time savings. With software from our company, you will also meet your requirements for work efficiency and the often-associated economic profit. You will offer your existing customers fast and transparent processing of their requirements. The processes set up in this way will also attract new clients.

If these services and benefits are of interest to you, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. We will analyze your processes
  2. We will deploy the Chastia software solution taylor made to your needs.
  3. We will train your employees and provide technical support.