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Technical administration in line with high efficiency and simplicity!

Effective management of buildings and technical equipment

Centralized reporting and help desk

Evidence of consumption and energy cost savings

You do not need partial solutions

Every medical facility needs to have a thorough overview of the state of its property. In hospitals, it is especially important to have up-to-date information on the technical condition especially of medical equipment and its current use. Inaccurate data could lead to missed inspections. In time it could also result in unecessary technical intervention. In the worst case scenario, such scrutiny can result in fatal consequences to patients’ health. 

Fault records should not be disorganized. What is more, defects should not take too long to resolve. If the hospital wants to avoid disproportionately high energy costs, their consumption should be closely monitored. 

The Chastia FM information system and the Chastia ONE system provide ready-made and field-proven solutions for the efficient management of a modern hospital. 

 Find out what we can do for you. 

Benefits for your hospital

Fast and clear access to information

A central database of documents, with access for all authorized persons, will make it possible to obtain information quickly and directly.

A comprehensive view of the technical condition and usage of buildings and equipment

Information on the utilization of the property and its technical condition is up-to-date and in summary, thanks to which you can respond promptly to the requirements.

Efficient energy management

Evidence and budgeting of energy consumption within all buildings, premises and equipment is clear and comprehensive in the Chastie system solution.

Quality reporting

The system allows you to keep a thorough record of all necessary indicators, which results in reliable reports.

Our experience in numbers 

12years in the segment

40 managed hospitals

100000 registered technical equipment

New software brings new solutions

Chastia FM software and its extension Chastia ONE bring solutions to many areas of work. In addition, the software is modular, which allows the customer to build a graphical information system gradually.

Property passportization

The software allows you to keep a detailed central record of your chosen objects, medical and non-medical facilities, with the possibility of their graphical representation.

Evidence of areas and spaces

Our software solution offers a record of all basic data on all building spaces and areas. The records are based on categorization according to the types of properties. In addition, categories include premises, usability, rentability, costing method, or price categories.

Centralized document management

Thanks to the software from CHASTIA, you can keep the documents required for the hospital’s activities clearly stored in one database and with access for all authorized personnel.

Maintenance management

The software handles scheduled maintenance based on regulations and ordinances. It handles unplanned maintenance through the Chastia One web extension as well.


Chastie solutions offer the ability to report requests via a web interface.

Evidence and reconciliation of energy consumption

The software allows you to record various parameters for sampling, measuring points and subsequently processing of this data.

Energy management

The system creates clear reports necessary for correct decisions in the management of hospital operations.

Easy preparation and registration of leases

The Chastia FM system enables easy generation and preparation of lease agreements based on editable document templates compatible with MS Word.

Incoming payments and receivables

Following the invoicing, Chastia FM gives the opportunity to record incoming payments and monitor receivables in detail by comparison with issued invoices.


Your next steps

Arrange a consultation with our staff. We will look at how the processes in your company currently work.

We will design the solution exactly according to what you need.

We will deploy Chastia software and you will streamline business processes.

Information handling and processing do not have to be slow and confusing

If the hospital has an inaccurately mapped usage and technical condition of medical and non-medical technology, this threaten the efficiency of its use.  

The lack of a centralized facility management ticketing system brings unnecessary information disorder to the hospital’s technical administration. The hospital risks missing the deadlines for revisions and inspections due to an incomplete overview of performed revisions and planned maintenance actions. As a result patients’ health may be at risk. 

Increased hospital costs can also be caused by inconsistent monitoring of energy consumption. 

The Chastia FM information system brings clarity and simplicity into information processing, work savings, more optimal use of employees’ working time, better overview of the technical condition and occupancy of premises and equipment. An important part of the system is also energy management, which helps the energy efficiency of buildings and equipment. Implementing Chastia software will speed up processes and ultimately save costs.